Data s p a c e d

Interactive public installation

An experimental interactive installation located in the two Pedestrian Concourses and underpass at the university of Regina. The work consisted of: 6 “mobile agent” stations, with computers, microphones, speakers; and two web cams with fish eye lens. The mobile agents record/collect, move and deposit information.

The microphones are attached to computers. They record 6 sec sound bites and move the file to the next station. The sound is played back for the walker. As the pedestrian walks along the concourse, the same sound file is carried in front of them along the concourse. While the walker moves forward they walk back into the previous sound or conversation.

The underpass functioned differently. It served as a data repository, where it collected and played all the sound files that were recorded in the installation, over the 2-week period. It was a stream of consciousness, run on sentence, which played 24 hours a day for 14 days. Very much like a substation.